ETL, CSA or CE safety approval

Over voltage & over heat protection

Auto-cookware detection & shut off feature

Digital controller
Multi-power adjustment with timer builds in
Child safety lock

Extremely efficient burner with high BTU output.
Safety device with thermal couple & flame out detection
Contemporary design with heavy duty cast iron pot stands
Electric ignition
CE certified
Gas Type: Natural Gas only

Cooktop dimension: 27"(W) x 20"(D) X 3.5"(H)

Counter top Cut out dimension: 21.85 inch x 18.5 inch

Minimum depth clearance for installation: 4.5 inch depth measured from counter top surface

Power input: 110VAC.

Max. Power per burner: 15000 BTU + 9000 BTU + 7000 BTU + 5000 BTU

High efficiency burner, with new design to insure 20% to 30% energy saving

High BTU burner output

Stainless steel surface for easy cleaning

4 Sealed Burners

Slim design with easy clean stainless steel surface

Heavy duty cast iron pot stand

One simmer burner allow slow cooking

Electric ignition

Safety device with thermal couple & flame out failure detection trigger mechanism. Auto shut off gas supply.

One year warranty

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