ICQ2-31C1 MSRP$460
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ICQ1-21C1 MSRP$299
Qty.: units
GC2-43N MSRP$309
Qty.: units
GC2-43P MSRP$309
Qty.: units
GC2-48N MSRP$332
Qty.: units
GC2-48P MSRP$332
Qty.: units
GC1-28N MSRP$230
Qty.: units
GC1-28P MSRP$230
Qty.: units
GC4-50N MSRP$288
Qty.: units
GC4-72N MSRP$360
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  1. Delivery time: 5 to 10 days by FedEx.
  2. A 18% restocking fee on all refund goods.
  3. Orders canceled after 24 hours of purchase are subject to additional
8% order cancellation process fee.
  4. Shipping & handling charges are not refundable. However if product
was damaged during delivery or if the wrong item was shipped, shipping
charge will be waived by Ramblewood.
  5. All products are provided with one year international warranty.
Repair unit's inbound freight is covered by Ramblewood & outbound
freight is covered by the purchaser.
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